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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is marketing that focuses on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok for market promotion, target group growth, increased website traffic and increased sales.


Why social media marketing is important for every business?

Social media marketing is the easiest way to reach a very wide audience - social media is now used by half the world's population, 3.8 billion people. In addition, this number is constantly growing - since 2019, the use of social networks has increased by 9.2%.

Social networks are very useful for raising market awareness. According to Hootsuite, 52% of online market discoveries take place on public social channels. This means that most people find out about new brands on social networks.

In 2019, people spent an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes a day. And this indicator also grew - time spent on social networks increased by 1.4%. Thanks to this, social media is a great way to not only reach your audience, but also communicate with them in the long run.

Every year, social networks become more important in terms of increasing sales. For example, in 2019, 43% of Internet users used social media to survey products before purchasing. Although only 12% of people are willing to click the "buy" button on Facebook or Instagram, social networks are very important in the early stages of the buyer's journey.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost website traffic
  • Faster and easier content distribution
  • Regular interaction with the target audience
  • Industry, marketplace and competitor insights

Grow brand awareness

54% of users research products through social networks. This means that the brand needs to have high quality accounts on various social networks in order to take advantage of the interests of users on social networks. In this case, potential customers can reach the brand on their favorite platform. In addition, good social networking services are also important. People expect companies to help them, and if the help is good, they will be happy to recommend the brand to others - 71% of users will recommend the company if they have a positive experience with a social enterprise. average.

Increase Website Traffic

Although many social media platforms allow brands to sell their products without having to visit an external website or landing page, social media is still a great way to increase traffic. For example, 11% of all mobile website traffic comes from social media.

Fast and easy content distribution

If you promote your business through content marketing, you can spread your content more effectively through SMM. People are constantly sharing useful, exciting and entertaining information with their friends on social networks. As a network and its members, it will always go further and accelerate the growth of your target group.

SMM is a great way to inform your customers about special offers. Social networks help deliver sales or gift information quickly and cheaply, even though most users want to receive promotional emails. To meet their needs, visit SendPulse and launch an email campaign. With half the world's population using social networks for about three hours a day, SMM is the best way to engage audiences. Your brand is already where your customers want to spend their time, so it can help you stay close and be more reliable.

Regular interaction with the target audience

In addition, SMM - more than any other marketing channel - can help you get customer feedback. In all possible ways - through reviews, likes, comments and more. If your customers have a bad experience with your product, they'd rather you know about it via social media, email or phone. It creates an opportunity to respond appropriately, retain a specific customer and attract others.

Industry, marketplace and competitor insights

Social media gives you a great opportunity to monitor not only the satisfaction of your customers, but also the latest trends in the field and the activities of your competitors. With the latest industry news, you have more content - you can use it as topics to discuss with your followers.

By taking data from your competitors, you get inspiration to improve your product or your SMM approach - keep learning from the people around you.

Social Media Marketing Goals

You can pursue many different marketing goals on social networks - depending on your overall marketing strategy. Here are some examples of popular destinations for SMM:

  • increasing community involvement;
  • sales and generation of potential customers;
  • customer retention;
  • website traffic growth;
  • audience growth;
  • handle negative feedback;
  • seek feedback;
  •  monitoring competitors and trends;
  • raising market awareness;
  • consumer demand survey.

Whatever your goals are, you need to define them precisely - it will help you shape your SMM strategy and content.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Ten years ago, social networking was a small industry and it was easy for marketers to manage it manually. Promoting your brand through social media is now a daunting task that requires a lot of other tools to handle it all.

Social media marketing tools can be used for the following purposes:

  • Discusses supervision;
  • Reporting and scheduling;
  • Communication between market users;
  • Performance analysis. 

How can I create a social media marketing strategy?

Without a well-designed social networking strategy, effective social media marketing cannot be done. We have already published precise instructions on how to create a content marketing strategy to improve your brand. Here we discuss the main points:

  1. Define your social media goals. Align your SMM goals with the overall goal of your business.
  2. Analyze your brand's target audience. You need to define your client's personality to reach his heart. Learn to work with your target audience on social networks.
  3. Choose great social media platforms. Not everyone may be right for your business, so use platforms that are popular with your demographic.
  4. Choose the voice of your brand. The way you deal with customers determines how they get to know your business.
  5. Create an SMM interior design plan. Includes many types of content that is promotional, entertaining and informative.
  6. Explain the KPIs to measure your success. They need to be strong enough to correlate with the initial goals of your social media marketing efforts. 

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