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5 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website for Free

5 Ways To Creat Free Backlinks

With enough website builders and content management systems (CMS) available to complete the book, and probably with most web hosting companies, improving an online platform has never been easier. But that is where the problem lies for many new bloggers and businesses now.

There are more than 7.5 billion people living at any given time, and more than half of them are online. This means that, with the exception of those who do not have access to the Internet (and those who are too young or too old to use it), almost everyone has internet access. For many, this may be limited to social media accounts and subscriptions, but there are still billions of business websites and personal blogs.

So no matter what the nature of your online platform, you need to be smart and strategic if you want your site to stand out. The days of simply posting online and adding a few keywords are long gone. The world of search engine optimization has evolved to the point where even most beginners realize that there are hundreds of things that affect your level.

Some of these features — especially keywords — are well-known. The problem is that with the rise of voice search, keywords are no longer a prominent SEO tool. Many SEO experts have gone further and say that keywords are outdated. And while it is impossible for them to fall completely, relying solely on the keywords is suicide. This is where the backlinks come in.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are probably one of the (if not the most) important things of SEO. Unfortunately, they are also high on the list of SEO metrics that you have little control over — but we will help you with that soon.

Simply put, a backlink is an external link that directs users’ attention away from one site to another. You certainly want to include backlinks in your content, but more importantly, you want to have backlinks that serve as incoming redirects. In other words, you want to have other sites and pages that refer to yours through the link.

Backlinks are related to organic traffic, i.e. when someone accesses your site or through a search engine results page (SERP). That’s because search engine website search engines look for backlinks especially when they build a search engine index, so that the forum better understands how your pages are linked.

More importantly, backlinks also tell search engines how your content relates to other websites and online pages. This helps you to position your page in the SERP correctly so that you can attract natural traffic with relevant search queries.

The way search engines show your pages is also directly related to the quality of your backlinks. All backlinks will help search engines rank your content accordingly, of course, but that alone does not have much impact on your ranking.

This is why it is important to generate backlinks to and from authorized websites. These popular sites are already well-listed on topics similar to yours.

Producing quality backlinks can be hard work, but it is not necessary. Here are 25 ways to build (or gain) backlinks.1.

1. Internal Backlinks

In our introduction above, we mentioned that backlinks are a term that is closely associated with the external links of your site and pages, but the internal links are also similar to the name. All backlinks affect the way search engines interact with your website because they help site crawlers who are used to develop and update search engine indexes to understand how your content relates to the content of other websites.

Internal links contribute to the development of more in-depth user experience because visitors can easily navigate your site and find relevant articles that add or resemble a page they are already viewing. This is very important for SEO because it allows you to keep visitors: instead of typing another search query to get more relevant, relevant information, you provide them with ways to find it on your site.

One of the most common ways this will benefit you is that your content contains technical terms that are relevant to your industry. You want readers to understand your writing, but adding meaning to the beginning of every technical term creates a messy content.

That is why you have another page that goes into details about that term because it is relevant to your industry and your target market. Turning the first technical term event into your page into a solid text that contains an internal backlink to the description page, ensures your readers have everything they need up close.

Be careful not to overload your pages with internal links, either. A good rule of thumb is to keep backlinks on each page down to less than 100, and you want to include external links in the calculation (you’ll see why a bit).

2. Guest Posting

It may sound like you are helping another site build its resources and generate more views, but this is a matter of mutual assistance. After all, guest posting is very different from ghostwriting. As a ghostwriter writer, you do not receive content credit. But all guest posts are entirely given to the author, not the hosting site.

Of course, this helps the hosting site to generate ideas, but that’s fine for the guest writer because it usually includes a backlink to your site. Visitor submissions are one of those situations where you don’t just generate backlinks to improve your search engine rankings for SERPs, which should not be your only focus. This is a great way to get your name out there, make your content available to new readers and gain more online visibility. Visitor submissions, especially to authorized sites in your industry, build your online reputation in a big, big way.

But it can take a long time to find opportunities to create guest posts if you do it the wrong way. Definitely, a way to find new, worthwhile opportunities to use sites like these

3. Blog Review

Evidence on other sites is a great way to generate backlinks, but there is also an equally good option that allows evidence of your product or service to be a source of backlinks to your site.

How? By providing bloggers in your industry for free. While this is not a free way to build backlinks, the cost is very low, and the results should pay off immediately.

So what you need to do is search for bloggers that provide specific updates to products and services in your industry. Reduce the effects to a much lower level before moving on to the next step.

This is where you want to make a donation. Follow this guide:

Start with a friendly greeting, and state that you were looking for articles on your topic when you received their posts. Commend them for their content, and let them know that you are offering a product or service similar to the topic. Mention what you usually charge for, and say you would like to give it away for free. You just want to get them to consider talking about your business on their blog or make a review.

If they are interested, they will come back to you. One thing to note is that this method is not guaranteed to always work because you can not force bloggers to write a good review – you approach them honestly. You want to be extremely careful about how you interact with them and because you clearly ask for a link (or update) is a violation of the Google Website Manager Guidelines.

4.Helping Hacked Sites

Because of a series like Mr. Robot and movies like Blackhat (2015), many people are aware of how often websites are hacked. More recently, ransomware attacks have caused widespread panic around the world.

But thousands of sites are hacked every day in a very subtle way. Some hacks cause your site to start sending spam emails you do not find in your inbox, or add promotional pages and sell prescription drugs.

If a site is hijacked to add pages silently, it ‘s not good for the site owner — especially since they will not see it for themselves unless they are constantly watching. But if you can find hacked sites in your industry, you can turn them into a backlink opportunity.

To find such sites, all you have to do is use the inurl: search keyword + search keyword. Inurl: fitness + “Viagra” is a typical example of how to get scam pages in the fitness industry.

Next, you will let the site owner know about the page, provide a link to it so they can quickly find a hack in the backend of their site builder or content management system and remove it. Sometimes, as a token of gratitude, they will ask if there is any way they can give it back to you. This is where you state that you have just published an article they might be interested in, and then ask if they would mind adding a link from one of their top pages. It’s that easy!

5. Website Feedback Sites

The best way to generate not only backlinks but also to get input on how to improve your site user information to submit your website to one of the many, many response sites.

This is designed to help site owners take full advantage of their site’s potential with regard to layout and conversion. Indeed, performance testing techniques are a great way to do just that, and we definitely recommend that you do one at least a year (especially if you have just introduced, or are planning to redesign). But this rarely results in backlinks, so when it comes to hitting two birds with one stone – improving your UX and your SEO – website response sites are the way to go.

All you have to do is create an account for one or more of these sites, and submit your site for review. Add a little description of how you think or would like to improve, and that’s it!

The best website response sites automatically add backlinks to your site. It seems like an obvious feature, because it allows contributors to easily find your site, but some of these platforms do not include links naturally.

So if you are looking for a good feedback site that will build you a link automatically, these are some of the most authoritative posts.


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