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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Email is a complex aspect of marketing. The state of the world is constantly changing – as human beings. In order to be able to run successful email marketing campaigns, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest email marketing practices.

1. Drive More Clicks To Your Landing Page

The whole point of your email messages is to drive traffic to your landing page. It’s just that simple. If you do not drive clicks to your page, your email subscribers cannot be converted into customers.

The key to driving traffic to your prediction page is simple: have a single call for action (CTA) in an email message. Having too many CTAs will only distract the student and confuse him. If they are confused, they will leave your email or delete it.

What you want is to guide your student to take a particular call to action. They are proud of the benefits they will receive by visiting the landing page. For the best user experience, email, CTA and landing page should go hand in hand.

Even if you use one main CTA, do not be afraid to put it in many places. You can place them early in the email above the wrap, middle, end, and remind them again in P.S.

2. Encourage Your Readers to Respond

In the old days of direct email, you sent your letter and then waited for your readers to do something. Not anymore. Today, email marketing opens the door to meaningful conversations with your potential customers. We are talking about real people who are interested in your business. With that in mind, you will want to promote this back and forth in three ways:

Attractive email subject lines. Talk directly to your subscribers and promise them something that will stand out. The best way to achieve this is to make it your own default.
Use a different and fun word. Just because someone opened your email does not mean that you will actually read it. Always make sure that your message sounds as if it came from a real person who is interested, not just an emotional robot.
Targeted content. The best way to email marketing is to categorize your email list based on your subscriber statistics. This makes it easy to create messages tailored to the needs and interests of each component, making them more likely to be converted, engaged with you, or at least passed on to someone else.

The focus here is on getting people to respond. That may mean just clicking a link, but where possible, encourage them to respond to your emails. It is a great way to show that you are interested in what your subscribers are thinking.

3. Make Sure Your Emails Look Good

It may sound obvious, but you may be surprised at how many businesses are still sending emails like those free, uneducated websites since the ’90s. Once you entice subscribers to open your emails with interesting articles it is important to keep their interest, so that they can continue reading your emails. The best way you can do this is to:

Use short paragraphs and make sure your keywords and any phrases that may be important to your readers stand out.
Add dots to help people explore important content.
Use images a bit – you want to capture your point, not take your content. Otherwise, some email providers will block images or think of them as spam indicators. So your emails need to make sense even if the images don’t upload.
Make sure your emails look good on both mobile and desktop devices. According to Campaign Monitor, more than 70% of emails are opened in mobile applications.

4. Send Pre-Distribution Test Emails To Your Email List

If you want to continue to see your subscribers open and click links in your emails, you will need to make sure all sent messages are working properly. Double-check that each of your messages looks the way you want them to look first by sending them to staff accounts. Specifically, you should view them at several email clients and providers (such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo), as well as on various mobile devices.

This is the best practice for email marketing campaigns. Sending multiple emails without double-checking content is like displaying a business meeting dressed in the dark. If it doesn’t go well, you just won’t look stupid; you will look useless again!

5. Keep Track of Your Data

Keep an eye on your data, such as how many email addresses were not sent, how many never opened, and what time of day people opened your message. The small details in your data can tell you a lot about the effectiveness of your campaign.

When you use Google Analytics on your website, you have even more powerful data in your hands. Try tagging your emails with a custom campaign to see how they drive traffic to your prediction pages, and how those people behave once they get there. With this information, you can really make your messages personal to the people who want them.

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